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Clear Skin Naturally

Herbal Beauty SF was founded by Mirsada Kurtovic more than 30 years ago on the simple fact that beautiful skin is the mirror of healthy living. It was her true feeling that the approach must be a natural one, from the food that we eat to the supplements we take, and the products that we use to cleanse and nourish our body. After years of using herbal products for skin treatments for her customers, she started her Clear Skin Line based on these natural principles. Her Acne Treatment SF is the oldest and most popular place for acne solutions in a natural and healthy way. Her clients often describe her as a ”miracle worker” and many of them continued with a healthy way of life following her basic principles.

“My acne cure method uses the best of science and nature; it is a mix of highly effective conventional and homeopathic topical treatment. In the first phase, I give customers proven pro-grade products to calm inflamed acne. Along with them, they get pure herbal products that rejuvenate and recover healthy skin. All that should be followed with acne elimination diet and supplements”. It helps in solving the source of problems inside and relieve symptoms on the outside. These internal and external system approach acne treatment plan is healthy without any side effects and most herbal products can use anyone”.

When you once get the clear skin you just need to maintain it with natural herbal products. Nature always surprising us with unbelievable healthy properties. But to get products with high benefits you need to use wild or truly organic ingredients and make it simple” she explains her miracle success in treating acne with herbal products.

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