Main causes of your acne

Everything starts with fact you have acne-prone skin what means that could easily flare up anytime if something trigger your acne. Depending how much your skin is sensitive for certain causes of your acne, you can have ocasionall breakouts, mild to moderate acne, severe acne and all nuances between these 3 categories.

Your genetic

Your got in heritage your sensitive skin and you need be more careful of your skincare. Some people are prone to high cholesterol, diabetes, some allergies or any other issues and they need to care about it much more than others who doesn’t have that problem.
Solution: But it could be turned to be a positive thing. If you start with a Natural Balanced Skincare and right diet you could get clear skin and overall better health.

Hormonal imbalance

You can acquire a hormonal imbalance due to your genetic predispositions, wrong diet, menstrual period, certain medications, using steroids (pills are one of them), stress, lifestyle or similar things. That is why acne is becoming more common in adults.


Have you noticed in people who have a very healthy diet how their skin looks rejuvenated and natural? Don’t worry, I don’t think here you have to become a complete vegetarian to get rid of acne. 
“All disease begins in the gut” Hippocrates said it nearly 2500 years ago.
More na more we find out this is true of all diseases that are finally acknowledged by even those most staunch proponents of drugs made only from the pharmaceutical industry.

Your skincare routine and skincare products

There are a lot
Let me ask you few questions; Are you often popping pimple even if they are red and inflammed? Do you layer products on products if you don’t see results in afew days? What is quality of your skincare products?

This may surprise you, but one of the most common causes of continued adult acne may be the products you use to get rid of it.


Let’s start with basic
Acne is an inflammatory response to multiplying acne bacteria (Propion). These bacteria thrives in space without oxygen and a lot of sebum around.
The immune system sends neutrophils through a network of capillaries toward bacteria. It releases a gel which kills bacteria but also sourunding tissue. So if you have bigger acne it will be more collateral that is bigger hole. Now if you try to help that inflammation with squeezing you will push inflammation deeper in the pores. Or if you pick it you will bring additional bacteria and now with inflammation you got an infection. Finally badly squezing that spot instead of “colateral” hole you’ve just made a scar that is adequate to the size of the spot.
Main point here is: Don’t ever squeeze or pick a red, inflammed spot!
Wait until it gets yellow top and read solution bellow. Yellow pus on the top asigns the end of battle between immune system and bacteria.
    So solution for acne is very simple: unclog the pores and keep them oxygenated. Oxygen is undisputedly the most powerful weapon against this bacterium.
However, no product has yet been found that will be able to do this completely.
Now our perfect cleanser should cleanse the skin an unclog pores but not damage the protective skin barrier, preserve the delicate PH balance of the skin, and keep a amount of sebum which our skin needs. If your product do it wrong our skin will instantly to compensate what is lost.
when we clean the skin we need to keep its natural balance, that is the role of the toner.
The third step is to maintain the skin with exactly as much sebum as needed. However there are significant differences in how much a goat is oily. Some will require the addition of one light moisturizer and the other that it may be applied 2-3 times during the day (silver spray made of sulfur) or maybe sleep a natural way to dry up the skin and moisturize several times during the day at the same time.
If we clean the skin with a slightly stronger cleanser we can easily

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