Back Acne

Causes and treatments of back acne

Treating acne on your back and shoulders is a bit more difficult than it seems at first glance. As a rule, subcutaneous neoplasms are very painful and cause a lot of inconvenience due to the constant contact of acne with clothing. This circumstance worsens the situation.

If there is a lot of inflamed acne on your back that is very painful on palpation, this is a good reason to consult a doctor right away. A specialist can prescribe the use of strong medications that will eliminate this problem.

There are also some rules that will help not only get rid of inflamed rashes on the back, but also prevent its occurrence:

  1. Things made of natural fabrics. Synthetics usually irritate the skin, making it susceptible to various infections from the outside. It is recommended to wear things made of silk, linen, cotton, viscose, etc. This way you can prevent the appearance of new acne.
  2. Manganese baths. A very effective remedy for acne on the back. You need to add a little potassium permanganate in the bath so that the water becomes slightly pink. However, you should know that potassium permanganate dries out the skin, so you should not abuse such baths.
  3. Do not wipe the skin of the back intensively with towels as the infection can spread to other areas of the skin. For the shoulders and back, it is best to use soft towels that lightly soak the skin.
  4. Washing sequence. For many, it will be a real discovery that inflammatory neoplasms can occur on the body due to improper washing. The thing is, if you shampoo poorly from your shoulders and back, it can cause clogging of the sebaceous glands. So you need to wash your hair first and then another.

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