The Acne Facial Consultation begins with an online form – a rundown of your skincare routine, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that may be impacting skin health. After a thorough analysis, I will evaluate your skin and acne type. 

Then, I will suggest a few home regimen options from basic to the most advanced for your skin condition. There are three basic plans additionally customized for your skin condition:

  • Quick Fix Treatment Plan – customized products for quick solution (around $80) 
  • Essential Treatment Plan  – our highly recommended products for your skin condition ($140 – $220).
  • Advanced Treatment Plan  – recommended products and facial treatment(s). Depends of severity your skin issues and number of facial treatments 

 I’ll share an abundance of tips and recommendations to achieve healthy, clear skin. The online form will be your skincare file and start point for future monitoring of your skin clearing progress, whenever you visit me or need support.


After booking an appointment I will send you an online form
The online form includes some specific questions about your current skincare, makeup, and medications. I ask also about your lifestyle, diet, and other factors that are important for an accurate skin analysis.

It should take you about 7-15  minutes to complete the form.

This form is the starting point for our (yours and mine)  future skincare monitoring and adjusting treatments. The online form allows me to dedicate more time to a more detailed analysis of your skin when you visit me in the office.

(P.S. All of your answers are confidential to protect your privacy, so please be as thorough and honest as possible.)