Herbal Toning Tincture


Herbal Toning Tincture is a handmade blend of medicinal herbs. It removes any pesky residue left after cleansing and gives a final touch to the cleansing procedure leaving your skin silkier and softer. By normalizing your skin’s natural PH balance skin becomes healthier and more resistant to bacteria. Handmade from


Spray or apply with cotton after cleansing and before moisturizing or nourishing. After applying the toner wait for a minute then apply the moisturizer over it.

AM – Cleansing ==> Herbal Toner ==> Exfoliating ==> Moisturizing ==> Makeup (try to avoid)
PM – Cleansing ==> Exfoliating ==> Spot Treatment ==> Pro-Grade Topical Cream


Herbal Toner is a tincture of medicinal herbs with strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties

  • Chamomille
  • Yarrow
  • Olive Leaf

Why Toner?

Why do you need toner in your acne routine?

Most people don’t know the importance of toning

Toning is the process of re-balancing your skin’s pH to help regulate your skin’s production of natural oils. Toner reduces oil and improves your acid mantle skin’s barrier in a natural way (balances the PH). It helps especially with the smaller pimples and overall skin texture. Thoroughly clean all residues left after cleansers and helps remove built-up surface dead skin cell. It can help you have a healthy complexion, and it can also improve the effectiveness of other products that you apply during a daily skincare routine.

Herbal toner for balancing oily skin

When you suffer from frequent acne breakouts, have enlarged pores, and frequently end up with a greasy shine on your face, you need to reduce oil production and purify your pores.

A clarifying facial toner or an astringent with pore refining properties will help to cut through excess oils and minimize the size of your pores.

So why does your skin become unbalanced in the first place and how does Herbal Toner make things better?

The skin has a protective acid mantle on the outer surface, which is a thin layer of oil. As the name suggests, the protective acid mantle protects your skin and keeps it acidic. Skin is naturally acidic and functions best when it’s at a pH of around 5.5 (any number greater than 0 and less than 7 is acidic).

Each time you wash your face or apply a product, you disrupt this natural acid mantle. It could be because you’re washing away some of your protective skin barriers or because products you’re using are basic (non-acidic or alkaline) in nature. Under normal circumstances, healthy skin will bounce right back and rebalance on its own.

However, when your acid mantle is disturbed, your skin grows vulnerable to infections and other irritations. Using harsh products, over-cleaning, or even stressing out too much can cause your acid mantle to function improperly, throwing your skin’s pH out of whack. As a result, many people begin to experience acne and dryness. This is where the Herbal Toner toner comes to the rescue!

Herbal Toner has a pH of 5.5  what is exactly PH of your skin. By restoring your skin’s balance, Herbal Toner helps your skin function optimally, warding off bacteria and shedding dead skin cells at the proper rate so pores are unblocked and skin remains healthy.