Clear Skin Cream


Clear Skin Cream is the perfect solution for acne: clear blemishes and rejuvenates skin ,  hydrate, prevent wrinkles and stop formatting new blemishes. For fast-clearing skin, add Clearing Spot in your routine with Clear Skin Cream. 

Good For

  • acne on the back, chest, neck, and butt
  • blackheads on the body
  • inflammation and scarring from body acne
  • patches of discoloration



Finally, a natural solution for adult acne that offers everything that an adult skin needs: stop acne, hydrate. and prevent wrinkles. Our users state the effective removal of redness, clearing skin from moderate and severe acne, and getting smooth and soft skin. We have noticed that with regular application of Clear Skin Cream, the redness around the pimple quickly decreases, dries blemishes and disappears !
Applying Clear Skin Cream, which quickly absorbs and penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin, reduces swelling. It creates a pleasant feeling of cooling while vitamin B5 hydrates the face, preventing itching


  1. It is essential to clean the skin before applying Clear Skin Cream.
  2. Apply the cream to the whole face with light circular movements to be completely absorbed.

Tip: If the inflammation is intense you can apply Clear Skin Cream in a thicker layer directly on blemishes. Provides a feeling of instant freshness and reduces redness.



Panthenol (vitamin B5). The main component of Clear Skin Cream is Panthenol which in contact with the skin becomes vitamin B5. This vitamin is necessary for our cells because it makes them stronger and prevents infections. This is a great solution if you need skin hydration in addition to a clean face!


Oregano Oil, Sage Oil,  Niacinamide, Aloe Gel, Beewax