Blemish Control Pads


Blemish Control Pads are a great choice for all kinds of acne: red inflamed blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. With a combination of gentle acids, panthenol, and soothing chamomile flowers, Blemish Control Pads stop new blemish formation and reduce existing ones. Also, this is the best choice for those who have a first-time chemical peel or sensitive skin; safe for people with Rosacea and darker skin tones.

Blemish Control Pads tend to be more helpful than other chemical peels in treating acne, particularly blackheads that don’t respond to anything else. They are also effective treatments for people with sensitive skin and have not been known to cause any depigmentation.




Blemish Control Pads help:

  • Treating stubborn acne. Many patients can control their acne with Zit Control Pads without the need for antibiotics or excessively irritating products.
  • Improve skin texture and sustain the effect over several months.
  • Reducing pigmentation, brown spots, and large freckles.
  • Treat stubborn blackheads
  • Rejuvenate photoaged skin
  • Repair sun damage

Other features of Blemish Control Pads

  • Less irritating than other acids
  • Safe to use for those with darker skin tones
  • Good for those new to chemical peels
  • Good for those with Rosacea

Warning: Don’t use any other exfoliants (peels, scrubs, and brushes) together with our recommended regime. The biggest mistake people make when using peel pads is over-exfoliation with a facial cleansing brush, like Clarisonic or other abrasive cleansers.

What can you expect from Blemish Control Pads?

Because acid peels are customized for your skin type, there is very little downtime associated with the peel. Rarely some people may experience having pink, dry, and flaky skin in some places.

Some people might experience some post-peel purging. As the acid exfoliates away the surface of your skin, it brings clogs you have underneath closer to the top, which may erupt as active pimples.

Like all products, Blemish Control Pads take time to work. It takes around 2 weeks to one month, depending on the type and strength, after the peel to see the full effects of the peel. Even if your skin doesn’t look like how you expected it to look right after you finish your peel, don’t be too disappointed. Your skin will continue to improve in the coming weeks if you’ve taken care of it properly, even if it seems like the peel didn’t work!