Clear Skin Naturally

You don’t have to put bleach on your skin every day like Benzoyl Peroxide, swallow antibiotic pills, or other harsh chemicals to stop acne.

I formulated a effective and proven Clear & Healthy Skin Method that works faster than typical pharmaceutical.

Balanced Acne Care Regimen

Pro-grade treatments paired with natural & organic products. 

Clear & Healthy Skin Method

The basic principle Clear & Healthy Skin Method is to normalize your skin through balanced natural treatments. 

Four main components of this method are:
Balanced Cleansing – This will clean your skin without stripping the natural skin barrier. Natural Precleanser, Herbal Toner, Body Wash, Lemon Cleanser are mostly composed of natural ingredients.

Balanced Exfoliating – Daily, gentle exfoliation is crucial for removing dead layers and rejuvenate with new cells.  This key step is very often neglected in the treatment of acne. 
I especially pay attention to each client getting appropriate exfoliants with proper strength. 
Balanced Moisturizing – Acne spot treatments reduce inflammation and redness by drying blemishes. To keep skin balanced you need an adequate moisturizer to keep moisture without clogging pores. What could be better than a natural moisturizer with strong anti-inflammatory properties? Actually, we have two moisturizers:
Propolis & Sunscreen Moisturizer
Blue Moisturizer

Balanced Spot Treating – If you have red inflamed breakouts and use typical spot treating creams like Benzoyl Peroxide you will get only seemingly improvement. Continuous using such spot treatments will make a membrane on the top of the pimple and conserve inflammation inside. The main purpose of Benzoyl Peroxide is to prevent future blemishes,  not to stop existing ones, most people don’t know that. You need spot treatments that penetrate deeper into the skin and clean the pores inside of inflammation and bacteria.

Acne Masks are an excellent way to additionally reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts. Of course, they must be natural and made from the finest ingredients 

Get rid of acne with Clear & Healthy Skin Method proven on hundreds of our clients. A natural, effective, and long-term solu tion for acne, scars, and maintaining clear skin.

Clear & Healthy Skin Method

Every 2 weeks at your appointment, I will re-evaluate your skin, do an acne facial treatment, extractions, make adjustments to your treatment plan, and help you set new dietary and home regimen goals. As your breakouts begins to heal, we continue making tweaks to speed the healing process.

Everyone’s skin responds differently, which means different products for each person. That’s why I choose each product specifically for your skin type & acne type. Not only are your skincare products customized, so is your daily skincare regimen. Besides we’ve beaten down the acne, also your skin dullness, rough texture, and scars gradually disappear through my method.

Focusing on diet and hormones before the external remedies is key for long-term clearing skin. This is a crucial factor that is often ignored with acne. Some acne patterns and symptoms could be indications of underlying health issues such as digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies, liver toxicity, over acidity, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and food or chemical sensitivities.

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