Clear Skin Method

Here are more details about my treatment method, products and diet.

  • Step 1 – How to cleanse acne-prone skin
  • Step 2: Toning (AM) – Exfoliating ( PM)
  • Step 3: Daily protection (AM) – Spot Treating (PM)
  • Handling hyperpigmentation
  • Reducing scars
  • Facials with products – Total Care
  • Diet and supplements
  • Your recommended home regime
  • Ordering & Payments
    Step 1: Cleanse gently but well (AM and PM)

Use a gentle, but effective, water-soluble cleanser twice daily, with a soft washcloth for extra cleansing. (Drying, harsh cleansers, many cleansing brushes only make matters worse). The washcloth should be thinner, 100% cotton.
Your cleansing procedure needs to clean impurities, unclog pores and dissolve and remove layers of the dead expired cells without damaging the skin’s natural protective barrier (acid mantle). It means you need thorough and gentle cleansing at the same time which will not disturb the PH balance of the skin and keep normal oil (sebum) production. Anything harsh can disrupt your skin barrier and worsen acne.
Check below-recommended products.

+ Wash hair every night (much more useful than morning showers) and keep hair away from the face.
+ Change the pillowcase every 2-3 days or cover the pillow with a towel and change every day.
Important: If you wear face makeup, or if your skin gets extra dirty or sweaty during the day (like after you work out) do a double wash at night: precleanse, rinse well, and cleanse. This ensures you cleanse away all traces of makeup, sweat, and dirt every night.

Icing – Additional step (AM and PM)

Using ice has two great features: micro-abrasive properties (make a micro scratch on the skin and bring oxygen and kill bacteria), and better penetration of other products. 

My Herbal Med for preparing ice cubes contains a blend of strong medicinal herbs that additionally calms and soothes inflammation. 

Step 2: Toning (AM) – Exfoliating ( PM)

Toning ( Am Regimen)

Toning is the process of re-balancing your skin’s pH to help regulate your skin’s production of natural oils. Toner reduces oil and improves your acid mantle skin’s barrier in a natural way (balances the PH). It helps especially with the smaller pimples and overall skin texture. Thoroughly clean all residues left after cleansers and helps remove built-up surface dead skin cell. It can help you have a healthy complexion, and it can also improve the effectiveness of other products that you apply during a daily skincare routine. My Herbal Toner is a pure tincture of Propolis with medicinal herbs: Yarrow, Chamomile, White Sage and Olive leaf. 100 % natural without any preservatives, additives, or other chemicals. 

Tip: I use Herbal Toner orally for sore throat or boosting immunity.

Exfoliating (Pm Regimen)

This is the key step for your condition. Your skin needs a gentle exfoliation on a daily basis. Exfoliant overnight will dissolve hardened layers and scrub in the morning will physically remove it. It will bring oxygen (the best weapon against acne P bacteria) and provide better penetration of other products. This procedure is excellent to: prevent future breakouts, maintain healthy and smooth skin, fading discoloration and scars.

I have a few different kinds of exfoliants with different strengths. For your condition I recommend:

  1. Exfoliating Night Pads (45pcs) – moderate strength peeling pads with stronger antibacterial properties. Extract of bitter almonds and Chamomile extract are the main ingredients
  2. Sage Scrub (4oz) – made of fresh ground organic sage and sea minerals. Gentle scrub, but enough strong to remove dissolved layers and unclog pores. Sage scrub works perfectly in combination with Exfoliating pads to keep balanced peeling without irritation. 

Tip: An exfoliant without a scrub is only half the job similar to putting a detergent on a dish and then just rinsing without using a sponge.

Tip: Purging – After regularly exfoliating, pores are unclogged and acne seeds will easier come up on the surface. Now, some acne seeds can evolve in pimples or blackheads so you can have more breakouts (usually tiny breakouts) in the beginning. That is called purging. Actually, we need purging to remove layered gunk from pores. My facials with extractions are the fastest way to remove trapped oil and puss from acne pores, but regular daily exfoliating after a few weeks can give almost the same results.

Step 3: Daily protection (AM) – Spot Treating (PM)

Daily protection (AM)

 Our skin protective barrier (acid mantle) is an oily layer that protects us from germs, bacteria, and million other things. Acne anti-inflammatory products tend to overdry skin so you need a moisturizer to keep hydrating skin. Moisturizers with natural ingredients are always the best solution for keeping skin hydrated and well-balanced. 

Blue Moisturizer contain grapeseed extract and aloe vera as the main ingredients.
Propolis&Sunscreen Moisturizer is great solution for hydrating skin together with preventing harmful UVA and UVB rays. Propolis is one of the rare natural ingredients which block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Together with pure propolis here are few very healthy minerals: zink, niacinamide, allantoin, panthenol. 

With Clear Skin Today, you can be sure you’re getting the purest and most potent products at a great value.

Spot Treating (PM)

Spot Treatments are necessary for your present and future inflamed pimples. They work best overnight while skin is in the recovering stage.

Healing Cream is a basic anti-inflammatory cream you should use every night on all affected areas. It should be applied as the last step in PM regime and sometimes in AM regime (if you need to force better anti-inflammatory prevention in crisis days). Healing Cream is a blend pro-active treatment with natural ingredients (zink, niacinamide, panthenol). Very effective!

I recommend you 2 products for fast and significant reducing inflamed blemishes:
1. Spot Treatment – Applied on the top of blemishes it will dry out any breakouts and reduces inflammation usually 24-48 hours.

  1. Propolis Spot Cream – apply after Spot Treatment. It prolongs the efficiency of Spot Treatment, additionally improves soothing properties and calms tingling sensation of the spot. They work perfectly together for calming and drying inflamed spots. Both products have a lot of natural ingredients. 

An insufficient routine plan, or just one wrong product, can make your clearing process temporarily successful or worsen acne.

Total Care – Facials with the recommended home regimen 

Total care is a full acne clearing method with facials and recommended products. This is the fastest method to clear acne and get smooth skin.

Usually, my customers get clear skin from 2 – 4 facials within 1 – 2 months. For more stubborn acne and severe cases, it could be 3 – 6 facials and products to get significant results in all areas (clearing acne, reducing scars with smooth texture). Also, it all depends on your consistency with regime and diet.

Facials benefits

My acne facials are very detailed and extremely effective in treating acne. I am using natural methods, thorough extractions that bring fast and long term results. 

  1. Microdermabrasion procedure will start the process of removing rough texture. Continuing with the recommended home regime you will get final smooth and clear skin. It also removes dullness and rejuvenates the skin. 
  2. Deep cleansing pores will provide much better penetration products and enable a much stronger effect of healing ingredients from the products you apply to the skin.
  3. High-frequency procedure – is the fastest way to kill bacteria deep in the pore. 
  1. Check my menu of services in the office 
  2. Read more about my Total Clear Method

Handling hyperpigmentation

Red/Dark marks left behind after acne lesions heal, known as hyperpigmentation, can last for months, or even years sometimes, but do fade away over time, especially when the skin is protected from the sun. 

My Advanced Kit gives good results for hyperpigmentation too. The same products from this kit you are using for your acne condition will fade out discoloration. Because most of them are natural and made from high-quality ingredients.

Sunscreen is a must if you are prone to hyperpigmentation and redness. My best recommendation for years is ColoreScience sunscreen. Also, my Propolis Sunscreen is a good natural solution if you are not exposed too much on the sun (it has moderate SPF).

Reducing scars

In my Advanced regime are incorporated exfoliating products: Exfoliating pads and Sage Scrub – two best sellers. Together with cleaning the pores, they also polish the skin. Using these products regularly your scars will start to fade out gradually and most important, natural and healthy. It’s proven by hundreds of my clients.


 Don’t ever try to squeeze red inflamed people. That is what will make you scar and prolong healing time. 

Diet and supplements

Diet is as important as the topical regimen in clearing acne. Here is my recommended diet.

Don’t be too fixated on finding one product or standard 3 products lines same for everybody that will get rid of your acne. Your acne is unique and needs customized products and strengths to be effective. It could be a number of factors that end up clearing your skin. With wrong treatments, you can easily get cysts and scars.
The result will be directly proportional to your consistency in the use of the recommended products and diet. It is important that you do it all together in the next 3 – 6 months. Once you get clear skin is much easier to maintain such.