“Clear Skin Today” creates all-natural beauty and wellness products using plant-based ingredients.
Organic and wild-crafted herbs are sourced from their native regions around the world.

My name is Mirsada Kurtovic and for more than 30 years I have specialized in advanced European style facials. I have extensive expertise in herbal cosmetic chemistry which I apply to produce highly effective all-natural herbal products. I am certified in Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Hand-On ProPeel, Beta-X Peel, and micro-dermabrasion.
Along with gaining my certification and practicing skin care for over 30 years, I have studied with some of the most famous people in the industry and collected great skills and skincare secrets. To this day, a desire to perfect my craft and curiosity do not let me rest. My facials apply a philosophy of traditional methodology with personal ingenuity. My true happiness is seeing that my efforts and time results in clear, beautiful skin.

I want to show how great you can look

Mirsada harvest wild yarrow in Northern California hills

We believe that natural treatments are the best skincare treatments.

Our mission is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine
The products we make do not cause the side effect effects associated with typical pharmaceutical products.


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Without exaggeration, for years I’ve looked far and wide for a solution to my temperamental skin. And now, without a single doubt in my mind, I have finally found one of the best acne specializing aestheticians in the city.

Her name is Mirsada.

Norah K

After a year of clear skin, on a lovely summer day (yes, wear sunscreen), my parents looked over and saw that radiance and thanked Mirsada for bringing their baby girls spirit back.

Briana F

Mirsada is just wonderful, her office is filled with flower tea leaves and herbs – this is what is put into some of her products. You can tell she lives clean, eats clean and that intern radiates through her