You don’t have to put bleach on your skin every day like Benzoyl Peroxide, swallow antibiotic pills, or other harsh chemicals to stop acne.

We formulated a effective and proven Clear & Acne Method healthy for skin without side effects. The balanced action of our pro grade and natural products cleanses the skin of acne, regulates PH balance, and keeps it resistant to acne.

Balanced Acne Care Regimen

Pro-grade treatments paired with natural and organic skincare. 
Natural solution to get again balanced skin


I am Kurtovic Mirsada, med. aesthetician who practice skincare for more than 30 years. I had a lot of customers who got clear skin after years of struggling with the wrong treatments from blackheads & whiteheads to the occasional acne flare-up, hormonal acne, severe cystic acne, dark marks, or scars.
In many of my patients, it is a combination of factors that lead to skin conditions. Recognizing the underlying causes of your acne is the first step to getting blemishes under control.
Each of my patients is unique and receives an individualized Clear & Healthy Skin Plan that is unique to them. Treatments may include Naturally Balanced Skincare, Acne facials, Dietary & lifestyle recommendations. Finally getting rid of acne require a combination of these approaches.
It requires patience and compliance, but for those who are committed, clear skin is your new look!
I am asking my clients to follow my instructions for the best and fastest result.


Every 2 weeks at your appointment, I will re-evaluate your skin, do an acne facial treatment, extractions, make adjustments to your treatment plan, and help you set new dietary and home regimen goals. As your breakouts begins to heal, we continue making tweaks to speed the healing process.

Everyone’s skin responds differently, which means different products for each person. That’s why I choose each product specifically for your skin type & acne type. Not only are your skincare products customized, so is your daily skincare regimen. Besides we’ve beaten down the acne, also your skin dullness, rough texture, and scars gradually disappear through my method.

Focusing on diet and hormones before the external remedies is key for long-term clearing skin. This is a crucial factor that is often ignored with acne. Some acne patterns and symptoms could be indications of underlying health issues such as digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies, liver toxicity, over acidity, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances, and food or chemical sensitivities.

Consultation and recommendations

I don’t start any treatment plan without consultation. You can choose online consultation or in the office. They are FREE. I need to analyze skin your skin condition, your skincare history, lifestyle, and diet. Fighting acne is not just a topical situation (unfortunately). From your diet, hormonal imbalance, skincare to your sleep habits, a range of lifestyle factors impact the glow level of your skin.

Balanced Skincare Regimen

You can be sure with our products that you are on right track:  calm inflammation, clean pores, normal sebum flow, keep your skin healthy PH balance (so important for skin!) and rejuvenate new healthy skin.   All our products take equally care from clearing skin to maintain healthy free blemish skin. 
Next is your consistency to follow the regime.


When trying to get clear skin, you should never underestimate the importance of what you eat. A skin-friendly diet should focus on dark, leafy greens and getting a variety of color in fruits and vegetables.
Hydration is essential. Without proper hydration, toxins have a hard time being removed.  Many symptoms like skin irritation, inflammation, and long-lasting redness have caused in your body, precisely in the gut.

Acne facials with products or just products?
Choose what work for you

Fast clear skin – facial treatments with recommended products for your home regimen.

Each facial will clean deeply your pores from layers of clogged pores, dead cells and allow penetration of strong acne fighters. A good facial is a building block for a clear complexion, which preps your skin to absorb glow-boosting ingredients in good-for-you products. I really enjoy doing facials and I am doing that very thoroughly. That is the reason why my clients see drastic improvement or clear skin after just 2-3 facials. Most of my clients have had acne for years and no treatments have been able to clear their acne.

Online consultation and home regimen

I have a natural solution that works even faster than typical pharmaceuticals. Healthy for skin and body, no side effects. Actually, it is something that every skin needs, not just acneic skin. You will stop acne and then you can continue to use some of them to keep skin rejuvenated, fresh, and maintain blemish-free.

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